Happy Thanksgiving!!



It’s Thanksgiving time in the United States and, while reflecting on what I should be thankful for, it occurred to me that a corporation is much like a family.  It’s very obvious in the picture who the chairman is, the CEO is obviously to his right. If you look closely you can also spot the CFO, COO, Chief Counsel, Chief Administrative Officer, CTO, VPs of Product Development & Strategy…. but where’s the CIO????  Shouldn’t the CIO have a seat at the ‘big corporate table’?

Oh no…

Sitting at the ‘kids table’, with the VP of Marketing who obvious blames YOU for her problems (they’re always very angry) and the VP of HR, who just wants everyone to get along.

So, I guess I’m supposed to write something pithy and thought-provoking but, all I can say is, if you’re not at the big-table either you’re not providing value or you’re not being recognized for the value you provide.

OK, pass the pumpkin pie!