Data-Driven Government



We all know that President Obama had a strong advantage over his opponents because of “big data” and the hordes of programmers hired to cultivate and curate the analytics.  Now that the election is over it also has become quite evident that the information gathered over the past years is valuable in another way: governing.

I saw the movie ‘Lincoln’ the other day and noticed how important and powerful representative government works.  It is also inefficient and (potentially) corrupt.  “WHAT IF” we could each have a voice in our daily government activities directly, without need for representation?  Why have a representative travel to Washington when my voice can be heard directly?  I have access, you have my data. Why should my representative filter out what I have to say when I can say it directly to the government and politicians can reach out to me without that filter?

Oh wait, isn’t that what President Obama’s doing right now?  Taking governing ‘to the people’, much like campaigning?  Get used to it.

Think about these enabling changes in technology these days.  Then go see the movie and consider what the world ‘would have been’ without the wheeling and dealing of representative government.  Change is coming fast, and technologists and entrepreneurs need to move faster.