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What does the new year mean to you?

I usually never make resolutions, but last year I made a commitment to improve my health through nutrition and fitness and, I’m happy to say, I met that goal.  I vastly improved my health, reduced my waistline by 9-inches and lost >30lbs, all without dieting or spending any money (except for the new clothes that I needed).

So, there!

My Top 10 goals for this year

  1. Spiritual: dive deeper into my core beliefs, find new ones
  2. Family: yes
  3. Health: continue nutrition and take fitness to the next level with crossfit-boxing
  4. Professional: build strong relationships
  5. Personal: become a better pianist and try to regain my voice
  6. Technical: build something that solves a really hard problem
  7. Brainpower: Focus, remove distractions (see #9)
  8. Finance: simplify
  9. Politics: null
  10. Expression: more thought experiments, more songwriting

Did I miss anything?  Oh yes, HAVE FUN!  HAPPY NEW YEAR!