Managing the 2013 Startup Pipeline



OK, it’s not a pipeline, it’s a funnel.  I don’t know where we get these silly metaphors anyway; they fulfill a mental visual, but never tell the whole story.

It’s now a new year and time for me to look for new investment opportunities.  But first, I need to finalize my model, to save time and increase my probabilities for success.

Last year, I proved that investments with a technology focus are much more predictable than current investment models, but I need to formalize the process, mostly to save time and wasted energy.

Back to the pipeline.  It’s not where I want it to be; I need a strong backlog of prospects with great ideas, motivation and technology.  Last year was a good year with a lot of interest, but not enough backing technologies and internal talent is scarce, and booked.  So, my first priority on my backlog is NOT great ideas, but great talent and technology!

If you want my attention, pitch yourself first and the problem you’re solving second. I am VERY interested in ANALYTICS, so if your solving a difficult problem that utilize a lot of data, I’m interested.  Contact me at Compuware Ventures.

Let’s get 2013 rolling!