RACI & Football – What’s on my mind on a Friday



What does the RACI matrix have to do with football?

Well, if you’re a tailgater, the responsibility assignment matrix is a very important thing.  If you don’t get it right you’re not going to have a good time.

Why do I care about RACI today?  Because our organization has progressed into a Business Unit organization and I am building a model that will give appropriate responsibility assignments to the individual business-units and the cross-BU operating groups, like IS, Legal, Finance, Administration, etc.   It is very important that everyone agrees who is responsible for each service that is provided because each business-unit must be clear on the services that they are outsourcing to the operating-groups or to outside services.  If you’ve never done a RACI matrix before, you can learn more here.

Roles and responsibilities are important for organizations of any size, and laying it out in a format that everyone understands is a good way to clearly define roles.  Startups should take note – a simple RACI matrix can save a lot of time and misunderstandings.  A RACI matrix combined with a core-vs-context analysis helps clarify just what services are needed and should be outsourced.

So, really, why RACI & Football?  Because this weekend is the beginning of the NFL playoffs and I intend on watching all four games.  This is my rationale for working on my laptop while watching the games.  I get to do my take-home work while enjoying some playoff football.

Hope your weekend is more exciting!