The New Phonebook’s Here! The New Phonebook’s Here!




“Things are going to start happening to me NOW!”Oh, how I love titles!  The one I really yearn for is the one that Paul McCartney, Elton John and some other no-names have achieved.  “Sir Paul”.  Of course I’m not British and I really haven’t achieved such greatness, but one can dream.

A couple weeks ago, I helped host ‘Xconomy Detroit’ in the Compuware Building with two-hundred of my new closest friends.  The title of the event was “Mobile Madness in the Motor City” and we celebrated, collaborated d commented on the state of mobile innovation.  Mostly, it was a fun event to meet new people who are as passionate about technology as I am.


As a special treat, they invited me to be an “Xconomist“.  Now, I don’t know what the responsibilities of an ‘Xconomist’ are but I hope there’s a hat or a uniform involved.  I am expected to write some articles on the ‘xconomy’ and I think my first duty will be to design the uniform that I believe Xconomists should wear.|—————— prototype —————————->

Seriously, what I like about Xconomy is that they are a group of people who understand the power of meeting face-to-face and having relevant discussions about topics.  We had a great group of folks in Detroit with my favorite topic being battery technologies.  So please check out Xconomy while I ponder (seriously) what it means to be an Xconomist and how we can host more cool, valuable events.P-Cz