Change is Good – Me First!


OK, it’s supposed to be “you go first”, but that’s tired and cliche.

It’s been said that if you dream of tornadoes you’re reacting to chaos and uncertainty in your life.  Well, tornadoes are chaotic and uncertain, but they’re also stunning and a natural force.

I’ve dealt with a lot of change in my life and career, but nothing ever surprises me.  That’s because I live my life on the philosophy that change is always occurring and we need to prepare and embrace change.


If you’ve been in IT for any length of time, you’ve already witnessed an incredible amount of change.  You live constantly with Moore’s law, software architecture changes, salesfolks shoving new products at you, analysts telling you what to do, budgets, staffing, recruiting, users, customers, service-levels, alerts, alarms, escalations, emergencies.  The list goes on and on: disaster-recovery exercises, business continuity, BYOD, CRMs, expenses, projects, change-controls, should I stop?  Performance management, Load-Testing, CMMi, CMMi2, SAS70, RDMS, PMPs, statistical analysis, probability matrices, RACI, dashboards, drill-downs, drill-ups, social-media, security, LDAP, AWS, Azure, argh.  No wonder we all dream about tornadoes!

But what does this have to do with change?  Everything I’ve listed above changes, at least once a year.  So, how do you plan a strategy based on change?  

Here’s how:  Plan for change, which means don’t over-plan.   Create some basic guidelines and best-practices as guiding principles.  Build a strong foundation on people and technology.  Define your Services and define ROI for each service.  Invest in an Enterprise Architecture (I’ll discuss this in subsequent blogs).  Subscribe to Lean Development principles.

Finally, be passionate, be inspired and, most importantly: BE BULLISH!

That’s why, when confronted with change, I say “let’s get on with it”.  Why delay, why stress, why over-think situations.  Move on, over, up, whatever, change is neither good or bad, it’s predictable and inevitable.