‘In Living Color’ -Tech Differentiation, It’s Not Complicated



What separates you from your competition?  I’m not talking about price or relationships.  I’m talking hardcore TECHNOLOGY!

When I was a kid, the big thing that TV Networks used to promote as the differentiator for their shows was that they broadcost “IN LIVING COLOR”.  That was a BIG DEAL back then, it sold a lot of color television sets and it brought in a bunch of viewers.  I remember that Batman was one of the early series in color and it was AMAZING.  I can’t remember when we got our first color-TV but I do remember, for years and years, that NBC Peacock!  It was a symbol of innovation and technology.


And look, if you weren’t up on the ‘latest technology’, you would see what you were missing using the old technology.

What’s the point?

The point is that although technology is the ‘great equalizer’ it’s also the ‘great differentiator’, except that you need to know how to communicate that differentiation to your target customers.  I don’t know who decided to use the term “living” in the phrase, but they were attempting to communicate a differentiated value beyond the technology of color television.

Let’s update the premise


I generally dislike commercials but tremendously admire a brand that simplifies the technical jargon into a message that EVERYBODY understands.

ATT – It’s Not Complicated

These commercials are brilliant.  Instead of hyping statistics and metrics they simply state “faster is better” and use little kids to illustrate their point in a humorous and MEMORABLE way.

Break down the messaging of your technical differentiation into the simplest value-proposition.  State your core value that makes you different from your competition, down to a statement, phrase, trademark, logo, kids, animals, whatever.

Let me state a few and see if you get my point (you will if you remember the brand)

  • “Raising the Bar”
  • “Connecting People”
  • “Solutions for a Smarter Planet”
  • “Engineered to Amaze”
  • “My Bologna Has a First Name”… wait, nevermind

It doesn’t have to be a slogan or commercial, you just need to CLEARLY communicate your differentiation to your prospects in a non-technical way.

Another nice benefit of doing this.  It becomes a rallying cry inside your company and focuses everyone on the mission.  It’s worth effort to get this done, the ROI is big.  Just do it!