Transmogrifying IT



OK, I hate it, not IT The it I hate is reading about every CIO who is ‘Transforming IT’.  Everybody’s doing it!  Who says IT suddenly needs to be transformed?


OK, I hate the term but, yes, IT groups need continuous change to adapt to the changing business requirements, reduce cost and increase technical value to the corporation.  So…


…you may remember the comic “Calvin and Hobbes”.

Calvin built a Transmogrifier  

Learn Something: Definition of TRANSMOGRIFY
transitive verb:  to change or alter greatly and often with grotesque or humorous effect
intransitive verb: to become transmogrified
Origin of TRANSMOGRIFY unknown
First Known Use: 1656


So, one of the projects I’m working on is the ‘Trans______’ of  IT.  The challenge is that most IT shops have many years of apps & infrastructure which have become an anchor.  This anchor is not only a drag on systems and applications, but also on careers and morale.  You just cannot move forward, so you need to cut the anchor.  This is nothing new.  Choose or build your new architecture and applications, migrate your systems and data to the new platform, abandon modifying the old system, but keep it around for historical and data warehousing.  We did this twenty years ago with an old VAX system and are overdue to do it on the current architecture.


In the coming blogs, I’ll discuss strategy and how to approach IT Transmogrification, but let’s start with some GUIDING PRINCIPLES:

  1. Define each IT service you provide along with costs.
  2. Identify Core vs. Context functions.
  3. Optimize Non-Core Services through reduction and/or outsourcing.
  4. Align Business Processes, standardize to avoid custom solutions.
  5. Assign service directly to a department, where possible.
  6. Invest in an Enterprise Data Architecture to provide information-sharing, governance and systems integration.
  7. Be transparent!   The best way to be successful is to be inclusive with your staff.

Let’s do ‘Lean Transmogrification’, so that we can quicly pivot if we accidently transmogrify into something that’s grotesque.  Humorous is OK.  This is tough work, BE BULLISH!