Transmogrifying the World




OK, I’m supposed to be talking about ‘Core vs. Context’.  Mea Culpa.

Only I would dare to mix technology and religion!
Disclosure:  I worship and am a music-minister at a St. Patrick’s of White Lake.

So what does this have to do with IT?  A lot!  If you pay attention to what’s been happening, you probably have noticed that Pope Francis has publicly spoken about transforming the Catholic Church.  He wants a ‘poor church for the poor’.  While that has dramatic implications on the ‘way things are currently being done’, it should also remind you that transformation of anything, including something as big as the Catholic church, has commonalities to IT Transformation projects, such as:

  1. Change is necessary
  2. Change has to start ‘at the top’
  3. Technology is a key component to change

The last one excites me the most.  As I ponder changes in IT, technology is a major driver in transformation, after people.  There’s a lot to do and no time to waste.


So let’s think about the ‘church transformation’ and how technology plays an important role.  If the church becomes ‘poor’ by divesting it’s riches and investing in technology, it becomes much more influential and relevant by leveraging social-media, collaboration and logistics to meet it’s mission.  I don’t need to spell it out but, “imagine” no religion, but a community of ‘believers’ who spread their message, very economically, through current and future technologies, helping the needy through the technologies of logistical delivery.

That’s pretty powerful, practical and mission-fulfilling. This is what I believe as a technologist and a human.  (I won’t bore you with my personal philosophies).


OK, Back to BullishIT.  As leader of an IT organization, maybe we could take an early lesson from leaders such as Pope Francis:

  1. BE URGENT!  The world isn’t waiting and neither is technology
  2. BE HUMBLE!  The only thing that matters is getting it done
  3. BE POOR!  Stop complaining about your budget.  If you’re smart and creative you’ll figure out how to do amazing things cost-effectively.
  4. BE TRANSPARENT!  Well, this is very  important and we’ll see how this works out.
  5. BE COLLABORATIVE!  Reach out to other smart people who can help you.

Maybe I’m being a little bit naive and simplistic, but above all I have hope in technology people and faith in technology’s ability to do enormous good.  The lesson here is that we don’t have a lot of time, so get going!