Enter, Stage Right

It’s been too long.  You may have heard.  I’m gone, I’ve retired.


When I left Compuware I knew EXACTLY what I wanted to do.  I am a big fan of Amazon Web Services and, as a programmer, know the power that one person could have armed with cloud architecture and programming skill.

I spent my first month setting up my office and cloud environment, then catching up on programming languages that were new to me.

HINT: coding is coding, it’s all ones and zeros to me.

Cloud stack built, coding set, now the hard part – finding all the API’s I need and getting all the moving parts to work properly.

Now, finding the projects.  First ones are easy – move my web-site to AWS and finally dig in to projects I want to work on, like creating a Curator Management System for Motown Museum.  That’s gonna take some time.

In the meantime I’ve also found a lot of people as passionate about building cloud apps as I am and finding customers willing to partner up on projects.

Let the fun begin!