The Cloud is Dead, Long Live the Cloud!

Talking about “The Cloud” is boring.  That’s because the term has been hijacked by ‘has-beens’ and used to death.


BUT – the technology itself is compelling and the offerings from   providers get better every day.  The challenge that I have using AWS (Amazon Web Services) is that the latest releases surpass the documentation, so it can be a burden to find the latest information that maps to the product.  It’s even more difficult to search for a problem-resolution because many of the answers and work-arounds are based on older releases.

All that being said, however, I really like the cadence and pace of evolution that cloud providers are well, providing.  The ability to stand up applications platforms is amazing.  I can terminate and create a new WordPress Server and content in minutes, not hours.  I can add Widgets and Plugins as I like and will continuously improve as I see fit.  But the best part of controlling my own site is that I can run it very inexpensively, track costs and performance, and adjust extremely quickly as the breadth and depth of usage increases.

I’m going to be writing about my journey with improving the MotownHitsvilleUSA Museum digital presence, starting February 1st.  It’s a labor of love that will take their website into digital curation and be a global illustration of what a “King of Apps” can be!