MoMu – Sprint #1 – WHY.

OK, I have my new webserver staged in AWS. 

Motown Nice, little microserver in my private cloud, only I can get to it.  As soon as I get credentials, I’ll export/import the old site.   This will be a temporary situation.

The site is a Bitnami WordPress installation on EC2 in AWS.  I have root access and have already cleaned up a bit of the basic installation messiness and secured the server access.

Requirements?  Yes, you’re right.  I haven’t sat down with the creative marketing and curator staff yet but even before that I need to “Start SimonSinekwith WHY”.  This approach is based from the book by Simon Sinek who is really worth reading or at least viewing his TED talks on YouTube.   His talks are inspiring and help me focus on what’s, er, WHY’s important and how to express that.

Being on the Motown Museum’s Board of Trustees for three years and being a life-long Motown music fan, I pretty much know the “WHY”, so I can formulate the new approach and build a theme for the first page that visitors will see on the site.

This is my goal for this sprint and I won’t get too far ahead of myself.  The point is that I have a technical perspective, which will be the framework I will operate in to set the strategy of the site.  I don’t want to give away too much of the cool things that I’ll build right now, but I can say that it has to be MUCH different than the way things are being done today, so most of the rest of my SPRINT #1 will be spent in research mode.

Look at any website for a company.  Do they express the “WHY” that they are in business or do they merely tell you WHAT they do and perhaps HOW they do it.  Check out Simon and you’ll understand why “WHY” is the most important thing to consider.

Cheers! P-CZ