MoMu – Sprint #2 – What

Sprint #1 was about researching technologies and themes, and getting content.

MotownMuseumHomePageReplicating the first website was easy enough.  I still don’t have the administrative password I’ve been waiting for, but that doesn’t stop me from pulling content and building a test site.   When I get the administrative rights, I’ll go ahead and try the export/import widgets, but experience has told me that the value of these are limited.  The theme I picked for my research easily rebuilt the current site, although I want to build my own theme.  This is a little more work.

The key to building a website on AWS is to combine the economy of open-source, the ease-of-use of WordPress and the power of API programming to build a website that is easy to update, yet open enough to code anything I want.   I believe I have that with the current implementation, although I think that I want full control of the Theme.  Not sure.  More research to do before I dive into my own theme.

I considered implementing the multi-site version of WordPress, but came to the conclusion that I like the single-instance and the power it gave me.  Sure, I have to update software individually, but that’s so EASY!  No more multi-tenant for me, SORRY!  I think multi-site is overrated, especially when implemented on AWS.

I struggled with the functionality to make the domain go directly to home-page because the bitnami documentation for that issue is dated and the tools they give don’t always work.  I solved that on my web-page with a simple re-direct, which is a hack, but I don’t care, it worked and it doesn’t mess with the config files.  I worry that the next update would wipe it out.

MotownIsHOTSo why bother with WordPress at all?  Because it’s easy and I want to spend my time coding cool stuff, not a boring website.  Besides, websites are so passé‎ , anyways.  The key is using it serendipitously with your other social-media outlets.

So, back to design and starting with something that looks completely different than what we currently have.

One thing I forgot – the music.  I need to remind myself to always play Motown music while I’m working.  It inspires me and reminds me what the focus of the site should be.What's Going On

Cheers, P-Cz