Head in the Clouds? It’s a Good Place to be!

ClouDogBack in January I wrote about my passion and desire to work on cloud projects.  http://http://paulczarnik.com/wordpress/2014/01/25/enter-stage-right/

Since them I found some folks I’ve known a long time who also saw the opportunity to work on something completely different; cloud applications.  We all decided to ‘team-up’ and work together.

MadDogLogoWelcome to MadDog, a new  company with years of experience but a startup attitude that  exists to help enterprise companies exploit their own process and data IP with cloud technologies.  We already have consulting gigs to help a large companies replace their on-premise, custom systems with cloud-based solutions.  The opportunities are enormous and we are selective about who we work with.

Enough said, we will have additional public information in the days to come.  Visit our website and social-media sites for more information.   If you want more information on the technologies that I’m focusing on, visit AWS (Amazon Web Services).

If you’re ready for your own cloud initiative, contact me!