Ten Reasons why Programmers are NOT Rock-Stars

Rock StarI heard it AGAIN last week.  “Programmers are ROCK STARS!’

Ive been playing rock as a musician since I was fourteen and have been programming computers pretty much the same amount of time.  So, with about forty-mmmph years of experience, let me explain why programmers are NOT rock-stars:

  1. Programmer RockstarRock-Stars are rock-stars.  While computer-programming and music share common aptitude, being a rock-star is completely at odds with being a Programmer.   Rock-Stars are (supposed to be) rebellious, anti-social beings but if you act this way as a Programmer, you’re just being a jerk.
  2. Rock-Stars have Groupies.  In all my years as a Programmer I’ve never been approached by a groupie.  Not even close.
  3. Rock-Stars have fans.      Programmers have customers.  It may really just be a slight difference, but NEVER mistake your customer as a fan.
  4. FansRock-Stars have roadies.  I would love to have someone carry my laptop around for me, but it just isn’t going to happen.
  5. Rock-Stars wear funky clothers and jewelry.  Many Programmers try to do this but it really doesn’t work.
  6. RockRock-Stars have to show up at the gig.  Programmers can pretty much pick their work hours and environment.
  7. Rock-Stars die much younger than Programmers.  It’s a fact.
  8. Rock-Stars have to play the same music, over and over and over again.  Programmers have much more diversity in their setlist.
  9. Rock-Stars get encores.  Programmers get change-controls.
  10. Programmers ultimately, based on career longevity, make a LOT more money than rock-stars.

So there.